Teamwork and Synergy – The Heartbeat of a High-Performing Workplace

Synergy and teamwork are the lifeblood of a highly-performing workplace. The key is not only bringing together the right individuals, but also providing them with the environment that is conducive to their growth, the tools, and the leadership that allows them to function smoothly.

A key aspect of synergy is clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each member of the group. This eliminates confusion and ensures that each member of the team has an essential and distinct contribution to the overall project. It’s also essential to establish a system of cooperation where members can freely share resources without fear of being resentful. If team members are able to openly seek help from others or offer assistance with an assignment that isn’t their capabilities it’s an indication of a highly collaborative and cohesive team.

In addition to that, a high degree of synergy is often the result of more efficient teams with lower turnover and greater productivity. As an added benefit an environment that is highly-performing environment is excellent for morale.

Synergy as a purely unalloyed good often leaves managers blind to the possibility of negative knock-on consequences. They rush to promote cooperative efforts as a model to be emulated across the company. This can take management resources and time from other issues.

Regular check-ins and feedback mechanisms are crucial to keep the team on track and focused. This keeps everyone informed of the team’s progress, and allows the team to come up with new ideas as needed.